Tuesday, November 27, 2007

yeah blogging

hey it tuesday now and i'm here to do my first blog of the week. right now we are in between practices. so here are the songs for this week.

solution (hillsong)
everlasting God (lincoln brewster version)
glorious one (steve Fee)
inside out (hillsongs)
our god reigns (chris tomlin)
lead me to the cross (hillsong)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving blog

hey everyone, i'm writing to you from jacksonville florida. i traveled down here with me family to visit my sister and my new niece for thanksgiving. that's right i'm an uncle. 
it's great to have a fun family. we've been having a blast, we've played music, pool, and i even tried nintendo wii, i wasn't very good though. but it has been short lived b/c we are leaving tomorrow at 8am. basically two days driving for one full day here. i'll see ya at set up on saturday. 


Sunday, November 18, 2007

weekly blog

hey everyone, i'm back. let me tell you something, it seem odd how this happens, but today while we were practicing for the service it just wouldn't gel. lots of people, including me, were missing notes and chords, and forgetting words and it seemed like everything was going wrong. after practice we got together it it seemed like everyone realized we weren't going to do it right today on our own. we got together and prayed and so after the worst practice we pull off the best version of the songs that we played this week. this has happened numerous times and it is really awesome how God bails us out. b/c we are in it for Him He doesn't let us look stupid(most of the time). 
Also did anyone notice the old organ that i found at the b&g club? i thought it was cool even though i can't really do much with it. 
next week is 90's worship week. i know some you are now thinking this is  one of the reasons why i come to this b/c so many churches are still stuck doing 90's "contemporary" music. i think it will be cool though i tried to pick out songs that were not so overplayed that you are sick of them, and also ones that you will like. here they are:

The noise we Make (Chris Tomlin)
Did you feel the mountians tremble (Delirious?)
Heart of worship (Matt Redman)
I could sing of your love forever (Delirious?)
Special: History Maker (Delirious?) how appropriate
Open the eyes of my heart (Sonicflood version)

i've decided to blog about my gear that i use on sunday. i'm sure you guys have all seen my extensive pedalboard and think what does all that do? so each week i am going to give a review of one of my pedals. so look for that to come later this week.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

weekly blog

hey guys this is my first blog on my new laptop. an apple macbook! how many people enjoyed james (the drummer last week)? i thought he did really well, he was just filling in for dave, but i hope he can come back. Also i cannot tell you how surprised i was for the pastor appreciation gift i received, it certainly took me "buy" surprise.  I did put all of it in savings for the wedding, resisting the urge to spend it on musical gear. thanks you so much for all who helped with that. please keep Janelle and i in your prayers as we prepare for the upcoming wedding. Here are the songs for this week:
O, Praise Him(David Crowder)
Mighty to Save(Hillsong)
Here I am to worship(Tim Hughes)
Fire Fall down(Hillsong)
All Because of Jesus(Steve Fee)