Thursday, October 25, 2007

weekly blog

welcome all who read, you are my friends. this week has been a pretty good week for me. i actually did my hw and my teachers were praising my for it. i kind of felt bad b/c the other students who always did theirs and were treated normal and i received the teachers attention. i hope that i can keep it up.
here are the songs:
Everlasting God(Lincoln Brewster)
Salvation is Here(Hillsong)
Here is Our King(David Crowder)
From the Inside Out(Hillsong)
Not to Us(Chris Tomlin)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

weekly blog

hey everyboy i'm back to blogging. to start this weekend was awesome b/c it was fall break and i didn't do any school work at all (now school has started i realize i should have got something done). anyways i had a great time i visited wilmington after church on sunday and saw my family. i got to play some music with my brothers and play a little ping-pong with my dad and also spend time with janelle's family. the weather was of course amazing so that made for a great weekend.

back to sunday morning, very cool. it was good to see so many of you out there doing stuff to serve the community. i was picking up trash so i didn't have much interaction, but i kept picking up these little pieces of trash and i told them that if i didn't pick them up then probaly no one would. so that kept me going.

here are the songs:
All bow down(Chris Tomlin)
Because of You(Steve Fee)
How Great is our God(Chris Tomlin)
Glorious one(Steve Fee)
You never let Go (Matt Redman)

Monday, October 01, 2007

weekly blog

hey everyone that checks my blog (which I believe is barely anyone). today is monday and i am looking forward to this wendsday b/c i am going to atlanta for a leadership confrence with some people from the church(their names aren't important). not only am i excited about getting out of school for a couple of days, but also i believe i will learn something too, as well as build relationships with the people i am going with. tonight is the weekly ping-pong tournament so i am going to try and defend my title. i'll let you know haw it goes afterward sometime. this weeks songs are:

Solution (Hillsong)
Mighty to save (hillsong)
Hosanna (Hillsong)
Center (Charlie Hall)
special: To the ends of the earth (Hillsongs)
I am free (newboys)