Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmas blog

hey friends, this is me with new hat and christmas shave. you like? i don't know if you noticed, but my whole family besides my sister was at the christmas service, which i think turned out well and the drums were pretty cool. my bro aaron was playing bass too. photo included. now i'm in wilmington blogging on the new christmas imac that my family got, thanks to dad (photo included). also next sunday my dad will be preaching in wilmington so me and some bros will be playing in wilmington on the 30th. so sunday randy will be taking over with his powerful amazing tone. the songs will be:

not to us (chris tomlin)
marvelous light (charlie hall)
glorious one (steve fee)
heart of worship (matt redman)
special: i'm sure they will pull off something fancy
you never let go (matt redman)

p.s. my phone is dead and i left my charger in greenville

Saturday, December 15, 2007

weekly bog

hey guys i am now done with exams and it feels good. its even better to know that there is not much more school left. today i tried to do some fancy stuff with my blog, but i could get the pictures off the digital camera to get them on the blog. i'll continue to work on it. maybe that will make for some more interesting blogs. here are the songs for this week.

all because of Jesus (steve fee)
Let the praises ring (lincoln brewster)
hosanna (hillsong)
fire fall down (hillsong)
Special- A christmas song
sing to the King (candi pearson)

Saturday, December 08, 2007


ha, here are the songs

salvation is here (hillsong)
mighty to save (Hillsong)
you never let go (Matt Redman)
glorious (Chris Tomlin)
the reason (Hoobastank)
joy (Tree63)

Saturday, December 01, 2007


hey guys, i just got done with an event at covenant church called d-now. our band from discovery played friday night and saturday morning and it was awesome. it was really neat to see how responsive the kids (and adults) were to the music and the whole event for that matter. i would say it was a real success. the whole congregation is such an important part of the worship experience. the band feeds off of the crowd response and in turn the crowd gets more excited and everyone has a good experience. i will encourage you guys to come to church sunday with a worshipful attitude that you can share and really expect to get a lot out of the service. i think it will be contagious.